Meanwhile in Texas… The rodeo is on!

June 26th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Not all activity detected on our client’s sites are bad actors…

Our Central Station team discovered a goat running onto construction property.

Cue the scramble.


The goat’s handlers are seen attempting to capture it on foot.

The goat loses them in a maze of CONEX boxes and makes a run towards the pasture.

Someone called in the reinforcements and the modern-day cowboy in a heavy-duty, all-terrain SUV comes riding in.

The SUV mounted cowboy calls for wranglers to capture the rogue cabra.

You have to give it to the goat, despite the best efforts of the buckaroo’s, it finds an opening and evades lassoing.

The chase intensifies!  The SUV closes in on the elusive billy and when the moment is right, the SUV cowboy exits the vehicle and gives chase.

The goat makes a bad move, and is surrounded by the vaqueros.  The fleeting moments of freedom have come to an end for our fine friend. 

The greatest of all-time chases is over.  A great training exercise for the next livestock show and rodeo!


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