Multiple Arrests on Construction Property

June 18th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Multiple Arrests on Construction Property by Police Officers and K-9 Units

Multiple Arrests on Construction Property – SentriForce detected multiple trespassers on a construction property tampering with materials around the property. Audible sirens were enabled, but the trespassers continued to remain on site. Police were then dispatched to the property and 3 suspects were arrested.

Incident Description:

On 6/16/2021 at approximately 2:22 AM, SentriForce surveillance monitoring center detected multiple individuals via thermal imagers. The individuals were observed checking various materials around the property.

The construction superintendent was reached and is not aware of any scheduled after-hours activity.

Surveillance monitors attempted to remove the unauthorized individuals with audible alarms enabled, however the individuals remained on the site. Local law enforcement were immediately dispatched to the property.

The officers arrived at the jobsite out of camera view and made contact and arrested the individuals in question.

End of Incident Description.

Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring is the perfect solution for deterring criminal activity and a cost-effective solution.
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Thermal Imaging Technology

SentriForce employs a powerful combo of thermal detection with high definition optical cameras to protect both your site and budget. Our camera’s industry grade thermal imagers help accurately detect activity on your property, regardless of the lighting.

Risk Mitigation and Asset Protection

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Minimize any risk of financial loss by detecting, deterring and engaging with any after-hour unlawful activity. The moment monitoring starts, our surveillance systems are set to alert our trained Central Station personnel, who will immediately dispatch local law enforcement when a threat is detected.

SentriForce is dedicated to delivering peace of mind through construction site video monitoring. With effective management and comprehensive surveillance services, our goal and passion is to minimize risk and protect your assets against threats and damages.

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