No Break from Crime - March 2021 HAA Abode

March 5th, 2021 | By SentriForce
No Break from Crime - March 2021 HAA Abode

Paul Garcia, SentriForce Territory Account Manager, shares his expert insight and writes an HAA Abode article ‘No Break from Crime’ in the March 2021 issue on onsite crime in apartment communities and how to reduce and properly respond to it.

In this article, Paul Garcia covers the basic principals of CPTED, frequent problems, and commonly asked questions regarding criminal activity and how to properly respond to it.
If you have questions like…
What can you do about mailboxes and drop boxes being broken into?
How can we prevent our access gates from being damaged?
What can we do about illegal dumping that is occurring on my community?
What can we do, if anything about vehicle break-ins onsite?
How can we stop packages from being stolen?
What can we do about residents who threaten and display aggressive behavior to our onsite staff?

This article might be helpful to you as it is written to be resource-intensive.

Paul Garcia is an account manager for SentriForce. He has over 30 years of multi-family experience, with 10 of those years being onsite and 20 years working in various positions on the partner side relating to risk-management protection of multifamily assets. He has a degree from the University of Houston at Clear Lake and he’s a United States Army Veteran.
SentriForce March 2021 Abode

SentriForce March 2021 Abode

SentriForce March 2021 Abode

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