Officer Involved Shooting Wanted Felon Shoots at Dallas Police Officers

March 18th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Officer Involved Shooting

Wanted Felon Shoots at Dallas Police Officers

On March 14, Dallas Police Investigators requested that SentriForce conduct a video investigation on an incident, “officer involved in shooting”, from a client’s property which took place the night before within an apartment complex.

With SentriForce video surveillance and police footage that was release publicly, this was what we found:

On March 13 at approximately 2:30 A.M., Dallas police were in hot pursuit of a wanted criminal inside an apartment community. The suspect was observed causing several vehicle collisions while being pursued through the complex.  Eventually, the suspect makes a wrong turn onto a dead-end and runs into a fence. As the suspect’s vehicle produces plumes of smoke, the suspect opens the door and blindly discharges his firearm at the police officers. The police officers are able to return fire at the suspect’s vehicle, but luckily neither party was hit by gunfire. Feigning compliance, the suspect attempted to evade arrest on foot. Two officers pursued the suspect and were able to apprehend the suspect, who continued to resist.

This was the first shooting incident involving a Dallas Police officer in 2022. Thankfully, no officers were shot in the exchange and the suspect suffered no major injuries.

“WOW! Thank you so much for the editing. This helps so much. We really appreciate your support.”
– Detective Pease Dallas Police Department
“Thank you very much for your assistance. We appreciate your prompt response.”
– Detective Ramirez Dallas Police Department

Dallas Police Department, we thank you for providing such selfless service, risking life and limb, to preserve the peace and protect the people.

We appreciate everything that you do.
Please share this video, as this is a great transparent example perspective of the life and death risks police officers deal with from time to time.

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