Practicing for your DMV driving test - Apartment Community Gate Damage

July 8th, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this video, our driver is practicing the art of backing up, turning radius and proper parking techniques.  

The driver decides to enter a customer’s property in reverse, through the gate and onto the parking lot.

Their timing or judgement is off, and they hit our clients gate (imagine that) causing the gate to come off the track and stay open.

Open gates are an invitation to thieves and cease a property’s first line of defense, all while costing monies to repair.

Our motorist in training tries their hand at determining the turning radius of the vehicle, and although narrowly missing another resident’s vehicle, performs a perfect “TEXAS” turn…as we do here.  Good thing there was plenty of room in the parking lot.

(Of special interest, we couldn’t help but notice that the property has a nighttime class for martial arts, which must be a great amenity for the community.  They meet on Tuesday nights by the community mailboxes)

Almost striking a pedestrian, our driver proceeds to practice parking between the lines.  Surely, they can ace this part?  Well, after running up over the curb, and a couple of attempts, they almost made a passing grade on this portion of the driver’s test, except they took up two spaces.

After a quick vehicle inspection by a local mechanic in training, (so cute) our driver decides to hit the road to continue practicing their driving skills, by exiting through the now stuck open gate, and almost take out the other gate.

While we wish this drive good luck on getting their license, we also offer a word of caution to all the OTHER drivers on the road.


While we poked fun of our wayward driver, damage to a community’s gates and haphazard driving are no laughing matter.  From the expense for repair, uninvited guests gaining access to your property and creating an unsafe environment, these actions can cause issues for a property.

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