September 2nd, 2021 | By SentriForce


In this video, a reckless driver vandalizes the neighborhood street by performing a car burnout for, what we can only assume, is social media postings. SentriForce was able to provide to the HOA, video evidence of the reckless driving and vandalism from start to finish as well as the address of the suspects to hold them liable for vandalism and disturbing the peace.

Neighborhoods and homeowner associations are the same everywhere – we all want peace of mind and security.

It is an unfortunate reality that theft, vandalism, and other crimes will eventually pop-up in just about any community.

However, homeowners should not have to live in fear in their own neighborhoods and the neighborhood as a whole should have a way to combat crime.

Video surveillance helps answer the WHO, WHAT and WHEN questions that arise after an incident occurs.

Having video surveillance in a neighborhood is a way to combat crime.

Surveillance footage helps assist law enforcement with criminal investigations and helps district attorneys in prosecution.

A lot of homeowners are investing into personal security systems like alarms and cameras, but that is not as beneficial as having a more powerful and effective video surveillance system designed for the entire community.

Homeowner Associations all across America are installing video surveillance in their communities for a variety of reasons, namely to help reduce criminal activity in their subdivision, to recover the costs of damaged community assets, reduce potential liabilities and to give local law enforcement an extra tool in investigations and resolving neighborhood crime.

With proper video footage, a HOA camera system can help recover monies on damaged property such as entry and exit gates, community park and playground equipment or misused community center assets.

Additionally, managed video surveillance as a service will help in the overall community efforts in reducing unwanted activity and help deliver a general sense of “peace of mind” to the community members.

For information about managed video surveillance services for your Homeowners Association, contact SentriForce.

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