Resident claimed that the gate hit the back end of their truck.

April 16th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Our video review team received a request from an apartment manager, because a resident claimed that the gate of the apartment community hit the back end of their truck.

The video, when reviewed, revealed the real truth… the truck accelerating and attempting to exit through a gate that was already in the process of closing.
With this video, the apartment manager has enough evidence and material to prove who was really at fault and recover funds for the gate repair.

How often do your gates get hit and the offender blames your property for damage?
How rarely do individuals who damage your gates volunteer that they should pay for the damage?
Video surveillance helps answer the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN questions that arise.

The use of managed video surveillance can also help recover monies on many other damaged community assets, not just gates.
Video surveillance also helps and assists law enforcement by providing both investigative and prosecutorial evidence.


Whether in the form of repair to an automated gate, waste management fees from illegal dumping, or man hours lost to time-consuming clean ups, misused assets can get expensive, fast.
SentriForce can help you determine the source of illegal activity and lease violations, so you can take action.
For more information about video surveillance for your apartment community, contact SentriForce.
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