Robbery, Assault, and Carjacking

July 1st, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this video, a group of suspects are seen waiting in a van preparing to ambush.

After several minutes, an unsuspecting victim parks in the same general vicinity and exits the vehicle.
The van pulls out and drives towards the victim immediately after noticing that they were alone.
A suspect gets out and tackles the victim to the ground and takes her hand-bag.
2 other suspects are observed assaulting the victim and attempting to steal the car keys.
After successfully stealing the victim’s car keys, all of the suspects got into the victim’s vehicle and abandoned their van.
The victim is seen getting back up and drawing a weapon on the suspects.
The suspects scrambled to flee, hitting cars in the process, and the victim discharged her weapon at the suspects in an attempt to get them to stop.
The police arrive later to investigate the event that took place.  Thankfully, the victim did not suffer any major injuries.
This footage was handed over to the police to help with investigations.

Sadly, criminal activity is getting worse across Texas and more brazen when it does happen.

Is your community safe? 

There have been many recent reports from news stations and police departments that crime is rapidly increasing. Police departments are also reporting that the level of crime is getting more severe.
It is time to consider increasing and improving the security in your community to help deter crime in your community.
It is important to keep the tenants’ sense of well-being and security, as well as keeping the environment safe as it is a major factor in keeping vacancy low.

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