February 10th, 2021 | By SentriForce

How will you respond when there is criminal activity on your construction project?

On January 27th, approximately 12:00 am, the SentriForce Central station detected suspicious activity on a construction project and immediately contacted law enforcement, after confirming the suspects activity.

Here is the edited live recording of the call.

HPD – Houston Police, this is Christian. What are you reporting?

SentriForce Dispatcher – Hey Christian, I’m calling to report a burglary in progress at 1——————. This is SentriForce video monitoring, Operator 3461 with live video. Let me give you a brief description for looks and a visual. It appears to be a black or hispanic male, white long sleeve shirt, dark colored pants, with a mask on. He is trying to gain entry into the construction trailer and right now he is behind the trailer. I did contact my keyholder, he said no one is supposed to be on the property.

HPD – Alright. And you say he’s trying to get into this location, is he trying to break the windows, force the door open, what is he trying to do?

SentriForce Dispatcher – Force the door open and now he is actually inside the habitation. He’s actually inside the structure right now. The entrance from the back.

HPD – We have an officer very close to his location now. There’s a second officer arriving, he’s about a block away. Since they’re there, we’ll go ahead and let them handle it and I’ll release the line.

SentriForce Dispatcher – Alright, thank you so much for the fast response, be safe, have a good shift.

HPD – Yes sir, you too. The police officers were observed surrounding the trailer and cautiously advancing to apprehend the suspect.


One officer was able to gain access and entered the trailer followed by other officers. Moments later, the police officers are observed exiting the trailer with the suspect detained. The police officers then proceed to transport the suspect together to their vehicles.

Is this what you have planned for your construction project?

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