Scheduled Delivery for Home Builder Results in Catastrophe

August 12th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Scheduled Delivery for Home Builder Results in Catastrophe

In this video, a delivery truck was dropping off materials for a single family home construction project, but accidentally reversed into and broke a water pipe. The delivery driver noticed the catastrophe that they caused for the Home Builder, quickly inspected their vehicle, and drove away.

As a single family home builder or large scale construction project, accidents are expected. However, what is not expected is being held liable for damages and accidents that you or your team did not cause. Thankfully, this home builder was able to mitigate loss from this accident by holding the scheduled delivery driver and company liable for the damages using managed video surveillance services by SentriForce.

The project manager was notified by their team that a water pipe had been damaged and claimed it was not their fault. The project manager then contacted the SentriForce video investigation team and submitted a video investigation request to help answer the question of “who broke the water pipe?”. With the details and timeframe provided by the project manager, the video investigation team was able to quickly sift through hours of footage to find the exact time and video evidence of how it happened and who did it.

The video footage and incident report was delivered to the project manager at no additional costs.

Managed Video Surveillance for Home Builders

Managed Video Surveillance does much more than just record video like typical CCTV systems or security cameras.

It is a cost-effective solution comparable to on-site security guards. Professional security surveillance experts work closely with you to design a solution that your property needs.

SentriForce surveillance systems are outfitted with thermal technology to accurately detect potential threats, flashing red and blue strobe lights to deter criminals, and is capable of engaging audible sirens and voice message to modify the behavior of committed criminals.

In the unlikely event the suspect proceeds to remain on the property, the SentriForce surveillance and live video monitoring team will dispatch local law enforcement.

If you are suffering from construction material and equipment theft or vandalism, contact SentriForce for solutions or more information on managed video surveillance.

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