Security Guards Versus Live Video Monitoring

July 29th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Security Guards Versus Live Video Monitoring

Security Guards

When it comes to protecting your construction site, equipment, and employees while on the job, it’s essential to take construction site security seriously. Although many construction sites take advantage of security guards, there are other practices you can implement that is cost efficient to help prevent significant crimes or losses.

Although guards patrol the property, they can’t see the entire construction site at any time. They also can’t check some areas on the construction site because it’s not safe. Considering the visibility of a construction site, the suspects can easily watch the security guards. They learn their routines to determine the best time to attack.

Security guards can be inherently unpredictable. Even with the best training, not all security guards will stay vigilant or engage with suspects. In addition, security guards cannot provide as much proof and documentation if an incident occurs. Since they can personally confront any potential threat, onsite security guards could appear to be a superior solution. However, the cost to employ security guard services are high, and you could be liable for their actions as well as their injuries. Additionally, security officers can doze off while on duty, patrol various locations at random times, and only be in one spot at once.

Live Video Monitoring SentriForce

Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring, unlike security guards, utilizes surveillance systems to secure a property. Surveillance systems can easily be customized from small to large construction projects to provide sufficient coverage. With this security solution, you have a team of professional monitors that observe all coverages simultaneously.

3 Pros to Live Video Monitoring

  • Live video monitoring companies such as SentriForce use thermal imaging technology to be able to detect intruders approaching the perimeter of your business instantly.
  • When there is unwanted activity on your property, monitoring agents can engage audible alarms and voice broadcast to remove the suspects. With SentriForce, local law enforcement agencies can be dispatch if necessary.
  • SentriForce system records 24/7 and can provide video evidence for your property when needed. This allows you to investigate incidents such as injuries, accidents, and misuse of equipment.

If you have questions regarding live video monitoring or need more information on how live video monitoring can help secure your property contact SentriForce. SentriForce provides practical and personalized security solutions to deter unwanted activities and reduce risk for construction sites. We’ll work with you to create a security solution that meets your needs and budgets.

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