Suspects Run at the Sound of SentriForce

January 18th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Construction Criminals Deterred

On Nov 27, 2021 at 11:28 PM, Suspects Run at the Sound of SentriForce –

3 individuals are observed walking near a construction project with over $10,000 worth of construction material visible in the laydown yard.

The 3 individuals noticed the construction material and proceeded to trespass onto the construction property.

SentriForce surveillance monitoring center was immediately notified of the suspects when they set foot on the construction property.

Within moments, the live video monitoring team notified the construction superintendent of the activity, dispatched local law enforcement, and engaged audible alarms for behavior modification.

The suspects immediately turned tail and ran at the sound of SentriForce surveillance systems.


Higher lumber prices equal more construction crime!


We aren’t financial experts so we won’t give you financial advice.

We are experts in the field of asset protection and risk mitigation.

With the increasing price for construction materials, construction theft will be more active due to increased profitable opportunities.

Within the criminal world, construction jobsites are known to be easy as most of them are vulnerable with little to no security.

If your jobsite has materials or equipment visible to the public, then you are only increasing the chances of being the next construction property to experience loss.

We recommend that all construction jobsites take a proactive approach and organize their jobsite to reduce visibility of equipment and material to the public.

It is also important to consider improved security options such as live video monitoring and surveillance.

Live video monitoring and surveillance are specifically designed with series of active deterrence measures to engage potential suspects before they have a chance to harm your property.

Having the right security systems in place is critical for construction projects of all sizes, as it can help reduce losses and deter crime.


For more information on managed video surveillance solutions and how it can help your construction jobsite, contact us today.

Suspects Run at the Sound of SentriForce.

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