Suspects Trespass Construction Property

February 10th, 2022 | By SentriForce


At 1:00 AM Friday, February 5 2022, a group of suspects trespass restricted construction property. They were observed using light to illuminate some of the property. One of the individuals proceeds to climb over the fence of the construction property.

As the suspects enters the restricted area, SentriForce monitoring center was immediately notified of the unauthorized activity. A live video monitor quickly accesses the surveillance unit and assesses the situation.

Alarms were quickly to modify the behavior of the suspects. The suspects immediately reacted to the audible alarms and proceeded to exit the construction property.

Live video monitoring deters suspicious behavior and potential suspects

It is not a question of ‘if’ your construction jobsite suffers losses from criminal activity. It is ‘when’ and what you can do to protect your assets and reduce your risk.

Construction sites are one of the most common targets for criminal activity.

Theft, vandalism, and property damage are major risk factors for any construction site — often unstaffed during off hours and with a variety of expensive materials and equipment around, construction sites account for almost $1 billion lost to theft and damage each year.

Beyond criminal concerns, construction sites are dangerous.

With one of the highest rates for on the job accidents, construction sites need a way to determine how and why an incident occurs so that project managers can document everything properly and enforce safety compliance.

Our construction site video surveillance systems monitor your property during non-working hours for criminal activity that may take place so that you can minimize risk.

Create a Safer Construction Site with Live Video Monitoring

Record your construction job site 24/7 with our video camera systems.

Get optimum security and peace of mind around the clock. Our always-on cameras easily catch accidents and record malicious activity that takes place at your job-site so that you can determine the “what, when, and how” of any event that occurs.

Minimize any risk of financial loss by detecting, deterring and engaging with any after-hour unlawful activity.

The moment monitoring starts, our surveillance systems are set to alert our professional live video monitoring team, who will engage with any potential threats and immediately dispatch local law enforcement, if necessary.

Contact us and let us secure your construction jobsite to save you from being a victim of construction criminal activity.

For more information about video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

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