The Set-up - Apartment Community Maintenance Office Robbed

April 29th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Sometimes, the most uninteresting and mundane things can be the start of criminal activity.

There are criminals that look for opportunities and there are those that make their “opportunities” such as an unlocked door.

In this event the suspects were targeting a multifamily maintenance office.

With video surveillance SentriForce was able to provide local law enforcement officers and the apartment management with more insightful information, such as the suspects arriving earlier that day with suspicious activity and later that night committing unlawful acts.

Who is keeping watch in your community?

Video evidence can help lead an investigation to an arrest.

The SentriForce managed video as a service approach means we’re here when you need us.

Our service includes equipment, maintenance, and forensic reviews.

Whether you require proof of damaged or misused assets, important footage for law enforcement, or you need us to be your eyes when you can’t see, SentriForce is there for you.

For more information about video surveillance for your apartment community, contact SentriForce.

Combining industry leading technology with our Texas-based and owned monitoring facility to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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