October 19th, 2021 | By SentriForce


In this incident video, an unauthorized vehicle plows through a gate and onto a construction property. In less than a minute, SentriForce monitoring station detects the activity, engages alarms to interrupt the theft in progress, and quickly dispatches local law enforcement. The theft was successfully interrupted. The suspect abandons their vehicle and runs into the wood in an attempt to evade arrest. In the end, law enforcements were able to locate, catch, and arrest the suspect.

As a specialized managed video surveillance company, we know understand the safety issues, vulnerabilities, and challenges that construction projects face. We know that construction sites are overwhelmed with the concern of theft of tools, materials, and heavy equipment because it can greatly impact your project negatively.

At SentriForce, our mission is asset protection and risk mitigation. We have developed an array of specialized solutions and services designed for highly accurate intrusion detection and perimeter protection for construction properties. Our services are cost-effective, all-inclusive, and cost a fraction of the price compared to traditional security options. Having the right security systems in place is critical for construction projects of all sizes, as it can help reduce losses and deter crime.

Live Video Monitoring
  • Video feeds monitored by licensed in-house security professionals
  • Police dispatch upon detection of criminal activity
  • Peace of mind that your commercial and retail property is secured
Deterrence and Intervention
  • NO TRESPASSING banner for your gate
  • High-visibility strobe lights
  • Audible alarms and voice broadcast
Thermal Imaging
  • No additional lighting required
  • Unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Greater level of detection accuracy
Video Investigation
  • Analysis and preservation of video evidence
  • Dedicated video investigation department
  • Comprehensive video reports
System Performance Checks
  • Ensures peak performance and reliability
  • Maximum system up-time
  • Proactive and preventative action

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