Theft Prevented on Construction Jobsite

November 10th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Theft Prevented on Construction Jobsite

Construction Theft Prevented – Not Once, But Twice 

In this video, 2 different groups of trespassers are seen entering the same construction property on different nights, seemingly looking for materials to steal. As soon as the individuals are about to begin looking around the construction property, SentriForce live video monitoring center quickly recognizes the unauthorized activity on the construction property and engages audible alarms. The audible alarms and recorded voice message startles the trespassers and cause them to immediately retreat back to their vehicle and exit the property. In both incidents, theft was prevented and assets were protected.

Your Property, Our Focus

SentriForce is committed to keeping job sites safe from unwanted activity. Construction sites often keep high value materials on site, such as lumber, plumbing, roofing, flooring and machinery needed to complete a project. If any of these materials are stolen, the completion of the project becomes delayed and affects the overall bottom line. 

At SentriForce, we provide a sense of security through several methods that can help deter and stop theft. Through live video monitoring, our licensed in-house professionals are able to detect and intervene in a theft on a property, while also providing police dispatch when criminal activity does occur. With our high-tech assets, we can effectively monitor and engage with trespassers even when undesirable environmental conditions are in place.

Our mission at SentriForce is to provide risk mitigation and asset protection. Having the right security systems in place is critical for construction projects of all sizes, as it can help reduce losses and deter crime. With Managed Video Surveillance, the security surveillance system deployed on your property is expertly designed to meet the needs and vulnerabilities of your project.

For more information on managed video surveillance solutions and how it can help your construction jobsite, contact us today.

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