Thief Tries to Steal Construction Lumber

April 12th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Houston, Texas – Thief Tries to Steal Construction Lumber

On 4/5/22 at 4:05am, the SentriForce live video surveillance team was alerted of unauthorized activity by an unknown individual. The individual was seen trespassing into a construction jobsite by squeezing through the gap of the fence.

The suspect was seen moving several pieces of construction lumber and placing it in between the fence.

The live video surveillance team engaged the suspect with audible alarms and voice broadcast.

The suspect realized they are under surveillance and immediately modified their behavior. The suspect is observed exiting the jobsite without taking any construction materials.

The live video surveillance team dispatched the Houston Police Department for further investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, the Houston Police Officers placed the construction lumber back inside the property.


Construction managers, superintendents, and jobsite contractors have a lot that they are responsible for, such as scheduling workers, ordering materials, and ensuring projects finish on-time.

The last thing they need is a thief steal construction lumber or randomly losing other essential material and equipment overnight. Construction theft is not small matter as it is much more than a nuisance. It can slow down the progress of the construction, affect the bottom line, and create a chain of frustration that is felt from top to bottom.

Live video surveillance is one of the best ways to secure your job site against unwanted loss or damages, and yet, not a lot of people even know that live video surveillance services are a thing.

What is live video surveillance?

Live video surveillance services involve a system of cameras on your property and team of security monitoring professionals that watches your property with the purpose of protecting your assets.

Is this service expensive? No, it is not! Thankfully to the exponential evolution of technology, the special equipment and software required for live video surveillance becomes affordable to even small businesses.

With SentriForce, we utilize industry grade thermal technology to accurate detect intruders on the property. Equipped with audible alarms and voice broadcast system, our live video monitoring personnel can actively engage with potential threats that trespass onto your property. In the event that the trespasser refuses to immediately exit the property, our team will dispatch local law enforcement to the suspect’s location.

For more information about live video surveillance services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

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