September 3rd, 2020 | By SentriForce

An Old Approach to a New Crime – Scouting, Planning, & Executing

On 8/27/20 at 10:54 PM, Central Station observed an unidentified dark colored vehicle entering the property of a monitored construction site.

Two unidentified individuals were observed exiting the vehicle. One of the individuals began to walk around the site, while the other returned to the vehicle on the driver side.

Central station activated audible alarms, and the individual in question returned to the vehicle and exited the property, continuing to drive away until they were completely out of camera frame.

1 hour later, at approximately 12:12 AM, a truck drove into camera view and parked on the construction site property. The same individuals, which were on the property prior, exited the vehicle and quickly began to load a large material onto the back of the truck.

License plate information of the suspect vehicle was recorded. Audible alarms were enabled, and police were dispatched to the property. After successfully loading the large material, the suspects exited the construction property and drove out of camera view.

SentriForce Central Station’s Findings

After further review and incident investigations, Central Station was able to compile evidence and footage to show that the suspects had arrived, scouting the construction property for anything valuable, prior to stealing the large material.

The scouting, planning, and executing approach is not new. They were not using a game-changing tactic when they decided to steal from this site.

Because this construction jobsite did not have perimeter defense like fencing, vehicles are able to come onto the construction property.

Coupled with the fact that this construction jobsite did not have all materials and valuable assets stored away properly, criminals were tempted by the sight of those items.

Fortunately, in the end, the criminals endeavors will prove unfruitful, as SentriForce has delivered the license plate information directly to law enforcement to assist in locating the suspects and recovering the stolen asset.

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