Too early for the grand opening!

May 21st, 2020 | By SentriForce

A suspect nonchalantly enters a construction site for storage units and pays a big deposit.

Audible sirens and alarms were engaged to warn the suspect to leave, however the individual ignored the notifications and remained on the property looking for an opportunity to steal from our client.

The SentriForce dispatcher contacted local law enforcement and then notified the construction superintendent of the activity at his storage facility.

Moments later, a police officer arrives on the scene, secures the suspect and completes an arrest.

It is uncommon, but there are intruders and criminals that are bold enough to challenge alarms and security systems.

When they do, SentriForce, will make sure they remember that we do not bluff.

We work closely with law enforcement to reduce criminal activity.

Our focus is to reduce loss and mitigate risk at your construction site.

Our construction site security camera solutions are monitored by Texas-based licensed personnel to actively deter and intervene when your site is in danger of theft and vandalism.

For more information about video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

Combining industry leading technology with our Texas-based and owned monitoring facility to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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