February 23rd, 2021 | By SentriForce

How will you respond when there is criminal activity on your construction project?

Incident Description:

On February 1st, 2021, at approximately 2:50AM, an unauthorized vehicle was detected entering a construction property by SentriForce Central Station. The vehicle was observed releasing a passenger. The passenger proceeded to remove obstructions that were preventing the vehicle from being able to enter.

SentriForce Monitoring personnel immediately engaged audible alarms and sirens in an attempt to remove the trespassers, however the 2 suspects remained on the property and were observed checking various items, entering multiple buildings, and advancing deeper into the construction site. 

The Sentriforce Dispatcher, with no delay, contacted the construction project superintendent and was made aware of the activity, while local law enforcement were being dispatched.

Not long after, police officers were spotted arriving at the construction site and thoroughly searching the area. In the end the suspects were successfully taken into custody.

Is this what you have planned for your construction project?


While being able to observe and record footage, traditional camera systems cannot dissuade a suspect to change their activity on a construction site or retail property.

Our assets are installed in high-visibility areas, typically on 15 ft poles at entrances and exits, and other areas of concern, to make it prevalent that the property is under surveillance.

We design and build our systems to be equipped with high-visibility strobe lights and audible alarms to increase its efficiency in deterring criminals.

If a threat does decide to ignore the obvious presence of surveillance, we engage loud audible sirens and voice recording to acknowledge that they are being watched and this is their final warning to leave the property.

In the event that the threat does not remove themselves from the property or displays evident signs of criminal intent, we dispatch local law enforcement immediately. 

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