Trespassers Safely Removed From Construction Property

September 29th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Trespassers Spotted On a Construction Property

On September 9, at approximately 10:54 P.M., two individuals were observed trespassing onto a construction property.

SentriForce Central Station detected unauthorized activity through thermal technology and advanced motion detection.

Central Station immediately activated loud audible alarms to engage with the trespassers, however the individuals ignored the warning and remained on the construction site.

Our operator proceeded to notify the construction project manager and dispatch local law enforcement to the construction site.

Police officers were observed arriving later and confronting the individuals.

The trespassers were observed being questioned and identified by the police officers before they were removed from the property.

Vagrants and simple trespassing may seem like a harmless nuisance, but they can have a major direct impact on the construction project if not dealt with, such as stolen construction materials, property damage, and mis-used assets.

They may also pose as a threat or be a danger to the construction workers as they may try to claim the territory.

Homeless encampments can also bring dangerous health risks to the area.

There can also be a surplus of garbage and unstored food which will attract rodents and other vermin, which can cause issues with your construction project’s progress.

Ultimately, they are not harmless and the word “nuisance” is an understatement.

Without proper security and trespassing deterrence, vagrants will slowly build more encampments and gather at your construction property as they know there is little being done to remove them.

It is highly recommended that this sort of problem is prevented earlier rather than after as they may see it as a form of retaliation, which they may decide to respond back to.

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