Trespassing, Criminal Intent, and Falsifying Information On A Construction Property

June 4th, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this incident, a male suspect was seen trespassing in a gated construction job site property.

The suspect then attempts to enter a home under construction.

By this time, our professional central station staff had already notified the superintendent of the job site and received confirmation that no one should be on the property, engaged audible sirens and dispatched local law enforcement.

The suspect continued to stay on the property.

The police arrive later and sweep the property with their weapons drawn.

The suspect was found inside one of the homes under construction.

After the individual was apprehended, the police officers’ questioned him and the suspect claimed he was a construction worker for that property.

Our central station quickly contacted the superintendent to validate the information, who verified that the suspects claim was false and the suspect was then arrested.

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