Trespassing Roof Climber Arrested By SentriForce and Dallas Police Department

August 6th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Trespassing Roof Climber Arrested By SentriForce and Dallas Police Department

A trespassing roof climber was arrested by Dallas Police after they were detected entering a construction site, tampering with materials, and later climbing onto the roof of a neighboring property.

In the end, after Dallas PD received confirmation from SentriForce, the suspect is jailed and will be charged with Criminal Trespassing.

Incident description

On 08/03/2021 at 4:05am SentriForce Security Monitoring Center observed an unidentified individual walk into camera view on the property. Surveillance Monitoring agents immediately activated onsite alarms. However the individual remained on the site. SentriForce proceeded to dispatch police as the individual climbed onto the roof of the neighboring building. Dallas PD arrived at the property and made contact with and detained the individual.

End of Incident description

Was he a ninja? Santa in July?? An adrenaline craving rooftopper? We may not know his motives, but it doesn’t look like a routine shingles inspection.

What we do know is that he trespassed onto a construction property and climbed onto the roof of a neighboring property. With video surveillance, thermal technology, and professional surveillance monitoring agents, we were able to observe the suspect and assist Dallas Police Department in the arrest. With our supporting video evidence, the trespasser will be charged with Criminal Trespassing.

Good job and thank you Dallas Police Department!


When a trespasser is on your property, you are vulnerable to loss and liability.

Trespassers on your property can result in theft of expensive material and tools or tampering of heavy machinery. 

Trespassers on your property, in some situations, can hold you liable if they suffer an injury, fall, or accident. – 

With live video monitoring, your property is under surveillance by professional security monitoring agents who are ready to engage deterrent measures with any potential threats and dispatch local law enforcement. Our security surveillance camera systems are designed with thermal technology to increase accuracy and detect even the most clever criminals. We provide a cost-effective security solution utilizing technology at fraction of the cost of a security guard and other typical security options.

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