Unauthorized vehicle enters a construction site to conduct illicit activity.

April 20th, 2020 | By SentriForce

An unauthorized vehicle decided to utilize a construction site parking area to conduct illicit activity.

Audible alarms were engaged but the vehicle remained onsite.
Ignoring the alarms, an additional suspect joins the first suspect on the construction property and enters the vehicle.

Little did they know the police has been dispatched to come join them as well!

Upon police arrival, the vehicle contemplates fleeing the scene, but thinks better than to get into a chase with #Houstonpolicedepartment.
However, the late arriving passenger makes a mad dash, and escapes.

The driver of the suspect vehicle was smart enough to surrender.

The police officer exits his vehicle with weapon drawn, and takes the driver into custody Another job well done! #policeofficers #HPD #thinblueline

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