Unwanted Guest Trespasses on Construction Property

February 7th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Unwanted Guest Trespasses on Construction Property

Unwanted Guest Trespasses On Construction Property

Trespassing is a major issue for construction projects.

When the sun has gone to sleep and all the construction workers have left the property, the construction sites become a magnet for mischievous behavior. Unwanted guests will climb over or crawl under gates, and fences just to get on the property. Once the property becomes infiltrated, everything on that property is at risk and could be subject to theft, vandalism, or tampering.

In this video at 3 in the morning, an unwanted guest trespasses onto a property under construction and tampers with construction materials.

SentriForce monitoring center was immediately alerted of the suspicious activity and engaged audible alarms.

The suspect was observed running and removing themselves from the property.

Live Video Monitoring

As seen in this video, SentriForce live video monitoring service is specifically designed to actively engage with criminal actors on construction property, including the dispatch of local law enforcement agencies if suspects remain on the property or criminal behavior is observed.

Live video monitoring on your construction site is a force multiplier in your effort to help reduce theft and criminal activity.

Heavy equipment, tools, materials, trailers and even parked vehicles are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and misuse, to the tune of over $1 billion dollars annually.

When your project suffers a loss, it costs money, time, missed deadlines, and causes enormous frustration, resulting in a negative financial impact.

Thermal Imaging

The SentriForce construction surveillance system utilizes military-grade Thermal Imaging technology for increased accuracy in threat detection your project.

Our surveillance systems are also designed with high visibility strobe-lights and a bi-lingual voice broadcast messaging for criminal deterrence and intervention.

Contact us and let us secure your construction jobsite to save you from being a victim of construction criminal activity.

For more information about video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

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