Terrifying Vehicular Accident at Neighborhood Entrance - Luckily, Zero Casualties

June 8th, 2020 | By SentriForce

A video request was submitted by a resident that was involved in a vehicular accident that took place outside their neighborhood resulting in their vehicle being totaled.

In this video, a black SUV is seen T-boning a white SUV. Within seconds, nearby drivers and pedestrians quickly acted to help the victims.
Fortunately, both drivers are very much alive. Police officers and toll trucks arrive later to investigate the scene before cleaning up the street and allowing regular traffic flow.

In 2001, Progressive insurance conducted a survey with over 11,000 people who reported a vehicular accident, how far they were from home when the accident occurred.
More than 50% was reported occurring within 5 miles from their hair and more than 70% occurring within 15 miles.
20 years later, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is still reporting similar statistics.


SentriForce does not typically look to mitigate vehicular accidents, but this is one of the reasons why security cameras are beneficial to neighborhoods.
Our focus is to improve the security of the areas through video monitoring to deter burglaries, vandalism, and other related crimes.
However, when accidents do occur such as this incident, we provide definitive information and evidentiary video footage to law enforcement so that residential victims can mitigate their loss.


Video surveillance helps answer the WHO, WHAT and WHEN questions that arise after an incident occurs.

With the proper video footage, video surveillance can help recover monies on damaged property such as entry and exit gates, community park and playground equipment, and community center assets.

Surveillance footage helps assist law enforcement with criminal investigations and helps district attorneys in prosecution. It helps provide both investigative and prosecutorial evidence.

Additionally, a high quality video surveillance system will help in the overall community effort to reduce criminal activity in the association. These systems help to deliver a general sense of “peace of mind” to the community members.

For information about managed video surveillance services for your Homeowners Association, contact SentriForce.

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