What does a drug deal look like? This property manager knows.

May 11th, 2020 | By SentriForce

A non-resident drives into an apartment community and parks in front of the management office.

Moments later, the awaiting buyer walks up to the blue car and while having a conversation, the transaction takes place.

The buyer quickly pockets the item and leaves the camera’s views.

The seller’s vehicle backs out and proceeds to exit the apartment community.

Police investigations were conducted, using definitive information provided by SentriForce high-definition camera systems and license plate recognition cameras.

Do you suffer drug-related criminal behaviors in your apartment community?

One of the best ways to combat such behaviors is to be able to document the events, identify the responsible parties, and consult with local police.

If the responsible party is a resident of the apartment community, follow proper eviction procedures and seek legal help.

For information about apartment community surveillance camera systems, please contact SentriForce.

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