What is License Plate Recognition and How Can It Help Multifamily Communities?

October 21st, 2021 | By SentriForce
What is License Plate Recognition and How Can It Help Multifamily Communities?

What is License plate recognition and how can it help multifamily communities?

Have you ever looked at a high-resolution stock photo of people smiling? Are you able to identify who they are or find out more information about them even though you can see them clearly?

The fact of the matter is that identifying an individual requires a lot more than knowing what they look like.

Most cameras that are utilized in multifamily communities are also not powerful enough to capture facial details for identification, so relying on just surveillance cameras to help reduce risk and mitigate loss is not a good idea.

However, identifying vehicles is much easier and more effective for identification, as all vehicles are required to have a license plate and every license plate is tied to an individual. Law enforcement agencies are able to use this high-valued piece of information to effectively investigate incidents more quickly and prosecute suspects.

What is a License Plate Recognition Camera?  

A License Plate Recognition camera, also known as LPR, is a specialized type of video surveillance camera, designed to capture alphanumeric characters found on license plates.

Unlike a standard surveillance camera that can be installed anywhere, LPRs are installed at a specific height, angle, and location depending on the traffic and road design to more effectively capture the license plate of vehicles.

Why is License Plate Recognition ideal for multifamily communities?

While LPR cameras are often used by law enforcement agencies to track known offenders, it can be used as a beneficial asset in multifamily communities to hold individuals liable for property damage, crime, and other unwanted activity.

Law enforcement will be able to act more quickly and effectively on a potential suspect when specific information is provided.

While standard surveillance cameras are great at recording general activity,

License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras are an excellent way to add an extra layer of specific security to your video surveillance system at your multifamily community.

For more information about license plate recognition cameras or managed video surveillance for your multifamily community or apartment community, contact SentriForce today.

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