What is thermal imaging and how can it help construction sites?

October 4th, 2021 | By SentriForce
What is thermal imaging and how can it help construction sites?

What is thermal imaging and how can it help construction sites?

If you can see a video surveillance camera, it has already seen you.

CCTV and video surveillance have always been effective deterrent measures for crime. 

It is in our nature to be afraid of the unknown and it is unknown to would-be criminals, how much visual data and evidence is captured if a surveillance camera is present. 

As technology continues to improve, so does the effectiveness of video surveillance, such as clearer quality of picture and low light performance. 

However, there already exists a form of surveillance that is specialized for purposes like intruder detection and it is often used in the military for defense solutions, known as Thermal Imaging.

In recent years, thermal technology has become more affordable for surveillance and security businesses to integrate with their own services and solutions.

With thermal technology, we enter into an age where video surveillance technology trumps onsite human security guards.

What is thermal imaging?


Thermal imaging refers to the process where a thermal camera captures and creates an image of an object by using the infrared radiation (heat) emitted from that object.

What are the benefits and features of thermal imaging?

There is an endless list of benefits when utilizing thermal imaging, such as detection of fires, hazardous gas, equipment failure, temperature reading, or detection of living things.

Thermal technology works on heat to detect activity, so it is not dependent on the lighting conditions of the environment like an optical camera.

Why is thermal imaging ideal for construction sites?

We know all too well that construction sites are hard enough to secure during the day. At night, construction sites are often targeted for materials, tools, and even heavy equipment because it is typically left unattended. Construction sites also have difficulty providing enough light to illuminate the entire area or hiring enough security guards for complete coverage. 

With the right design and combination of systems, like live video monitoring, thermal imagers can help your construction site to reduce losses by detecting intruders and engaging with them.

For more information on thermal imaging technology, live video monitoring, and how it can help your construction jobsite, contact us today.

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