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September 22nd, 2020 | By SentriForce

Central Station spots trespassers at construction site

At 9:40 pm, on a Tuesday evening, the SentriForce central station detected activity on a client’s construction site, well past normal operating hours.

The thermal image showed a pick-up truck entering the property through a gated entrance, which had been left open accidentally.

Our dispatcher observed the truck approach the construction area and turn off its lights.

Wonder what’s going on here?
Could it be a trade showing up late to finish up some work?
Could it be a potential tenant looking at the apartments under construction?
Could it be an inspector, getting an early start?

The occupants, or trespassers, ignored the audible sirens and strobe lights, so our Central Station dispatched the local law enforcement to investigate further.

Upon arrival, the officers are seen approaching the vehicle, shining their flashlights into the cab of the truck.

They must have startled the occupants, as the driver threw the truck into gear and attempted to flee.

While giving chase on foot, the officer is surprised to see the truck stop and the shirtless driver exit the vehicle, dropping to the ground, in what appears to be an all too familiar position.

The officer looks into the cab of the truck and discovers our second participant, in the back seat of the truck!

As she exits the vehicle, pulling up her shorts and adjusting her clothes, we now have the full picture of why these star-crossed lovers trespassed onto our client’s construction site.

The local motels had the “no vacancy” signs operating. After a quick investigation and discussion with our Romeo and Juliet, the officers released the pair.

After the truck exits the property, the officers close the gate and head back out on patrol.

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