Why a MANAGED video surveillance system?

June 5th, 2020 | By SentriForce
Why a MANAGED video surveillance system?

The only thing worse than not having a video surveillance system, is having one that doesn’t work.

It is critically important that camera systems are continuously functional and the system is constantly performing without errors, so that no important events are missed.
Surveillance systems and technology are becoming more advanced that more technicians and specialists are required to manage them.

When do you check your system to make sure it is recording properly?
Daily, weekly, monthly, or ever? There are many components to a video surveillance system that needs maintenance and checkup such as…

Cameras – making sure camera views are clear of obstructions and aimed effectively at areas of interest

Digital Video Recorder/ Network Video Recorder – making sure the database is storing video properly and that system errors are resolved.

Video Management Software – making sure the software is up to date and the camera functionalities and analytics are working properly hand in hand.

Wiring/ Radios – making sure the connection is optimally running and connections remain strong.

If any of these components start faltering, the whole system is essentially compromised.
Each component can be a high-price repair and the frequency of repair is dependent on the overall quality of work as well as equipment.  And most importantly, you discover this error and malfunction when you need to retrieve video footage for law enforcement!

Another issue of self-managed video surveillance systems is when you have a change in personnel which were taught how to use the system, and they were the only one.
There will be loss of information and ability to manage the system and retrieve footage as your personnel continuously change.  Who will be able to retrieve the videos when it is needed?

When your video surveillance system is MANAGED, your camera system’s components and all are constantly being monitored and maintained at no extra cost to you.
Your system becomes managed by professionals that are trained and licensed from end to end with no additional costs. You also save money from countless hours and time spent to trying to pull the desired footage.
Besides guaranteeing the reliability, having a Managed video surveillance system is affordable and much more budget efficient.

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