Deterrence and Intervention

The SentriForce video surveillance system deployed includes a series of active deterrence measures to engage potential suspects before they have a chance to harm your property.

Construction sites, Commercial and Retail Properties are commonly targeted for criminal activities such as theft and vandalism.

Regardless of the activity, it all begins with trespassing.

EVERY PROPERTY is unique in its security needs and job site security cameras can make a big impact on improving the site security.

The SentriForce video surveillance system begins with placement of large NO TRESPASSING banners and high-visibility strobe lights to put the would be criminal on notice.

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Deterrence and Intervention


While being able to observe and record footage, traditional camera systems cannot dissuade a suspect to change their activity on a construction site or retail property.

Our assets are installed in high-visibility areas, typically on 15 ft poles at entrances and exits, and other areas of concern, to make it prevalent that the property is under surveillance.

We design and build our systems to be equipped with high-visibility strobe lights and audible alarms to increase its efficiency in deterring criminals.

If a threat does decide to ignore the obvious presence of surveillance, we engage loud audible sirens and voice recording to acknowledge that they are being watched and this is their final warning to leave the property.

In the event that the threat does not remove themselves from the property or displays evident signs of criminal intent, we dispatch local law enforcement immediately.

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the power of sentriforce

Deterrence and Intervention - the power of sentriforce

You manage your property, we manage your surveillance. Our “Video as a Service” approach, developed over 15 years of industry experience, includes innovative equipment, local live monitoring, proactive system health monitoring, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need isolated coverage in one area, or comprehensive coverage, SentriForce has an affordable solution that remains flexible as your needs grow and change.


SentriForce’s “Video as a Service” plan gives you the evidence needed to answer your most important questions: who, when, and how.

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