SentriForce offers top-notch live video surveillance in Austin, Texas, for your construction site, retail, or commercial property. Owned and operated by SentriForce, our video monitoring facility’s sole purpose is to keep a watchful eye on your premises. We are trained to actively engage with prowlers who trespass with ill intent and dispatch local law enforcement agencies if needed. With SentriForce, your property is never vulnerable.

If you need a security solution for your construction site, commercial, retail, or property, look no further than SentriForce for live video monitoring in Austin, TX. With Live Video Surveillance, you can optimize your overall plan for security for your business.


You are taking control over your security when you engage live video monitoring for your business in Austin, TX. We place state-of-the-art security cameras well in view to deter thieves from trespassing. But SentriForce is more than just a simple surveillance solution. SentriForce will monitor your surveillance in real-time to ensure that any threat is stopped in its tracks when it comes to your construction site, commercial, or retail property. Trouble won’t get far when SentriForce is on the job. 

Not only do we monitor your live video feed, but we will actively engage with intruders, encouraging them to disengage and leave the premises. Our trained staff partners with local law enforcement so that no matter how far the culprit tries to go, we will stop them in their tracks. We utilize effective deterrents such as strobe lights, audible alarms, and warnings and ultimately dispatch the Austin authorities to your place of business as needed. As you can see, our live video monitoring in Austin, TX, is a full-service experience that keeps your property secure. 

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Live Video Monitoring in Austin, Texas

What Steps Does SentriForce Take with Live Video Monitoring?

Commercial establishments that are left unguarded are potential gold mines for thieves. Heavy equipment, tools, materials, trailers, inventory, and parked vehicles are vulnerable. As a result, nearly 1 billion dollars is lost annually in commercial-related theft. Beyond that, vagrancy, trespassing, unlawful dwelling, illegal dumping, and many other unforeseen circumstances can occur on your property should you neglect to keep a watchful eye on your business. This is why live video monitoring in Austin is essential for construction, commercial, and retail institutions. 

When you choose SentriForce for your live video surveillance in Austin, you aren’t simply purchasing some cameras and a video feed. Instead, we create a comprehensive plan to prevent, deter, detect, document, and take action to protect your assets. Here are the steps we take to ensure your premises and property remain safe and intact at all times. 

Deterrence: With our live video surveillance, we ensure that the first step is to visually deter unauthorized personnel from entering the premises. We do this by installing large NO TRESPASSING banners and high-visibility cameras. This indicates to anyone who attempts to enter that they are likely being watched. If these measures do not work, our locally owned and operated video monitoring Station deploys strobe lights and audible, wailing alarms to notify the assailant they are being watched. In addition, our video monitoring Station is staffed with licensed personnel to handle and engage with prowlers during intrusive events. 

Detection: SentriForce uses only the best cameras for our live video monitoring services in Austin. Placed strategically so there are no blind spots, our video monitoring Station will have eyes even on the darkest corners to ensure trouble stays away. During your scheduled monitoring hours, your cameras will be monitored at your construction site, commercial, or retail property with vigilance and purpose. We will engage lights, sirens, and an audible recording warning to disengage and depart if needed.  

Action: When we have exhausted all our remote efforts and the intrusion persists, we take action by calling in the local authorities. We will also notify you of the criminal activity, providing you and local law enforcement with the evidence you need to pursue legal action.

Is Someone Always Watching My Surveillance Feed With Live Video Monitoring?

We work closely with our clients to ensure their property and assets are being watched as much as possible. We offer 24/7 recording and provide scheduled monitoring hours for your business. This means we plan strategically with you to utilize our services best. We will always stand to watch for our customers. Contact us today to start your security plan for live video monitoring in Austin, Texas. 

Why Should You Choose Live Video Monitoring in Austin, Texas?

Construction sites, commercial and retail properties are among the highest-targeted institutions for trespassing and theft. Left largely unguarded, construction sites can take a heavy hit should thieves strike. Equipment, tools, and products can be removed much quicker than you would think from construction sites, putting a significant, unplanned dent in your overhead cost. Additionally, commercial and retail businesses are hot spots for thieves and intruders. If you own a high-traffic business, your margins for loss grow as you do. A great way to save money and time is to have a proactive plan to manage loss prevention before it happens. 

The best way to manage loss prevention proactively is by utilizing SentriForce’s live video monitoring systems in Austin, Texas. Whether you are a small, family-owned business or a franchised establishment, no one wants to lose money due to theft or vandalism. With SentriForce’s managed video monitoring in Austin, we deploy an effective system of high-quality equipment and protocols to protect you and your business from criminal loss. 

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The SentriForce Difference

Live Video Monitoring in Austin, Texas - The SentriForce Difference

We offer live video monitoring for commercial properties and construction sites for constant surveillance in Austin, Texas. By deploying assets such as high-visibility strobe lights and audible alarms in tandem with thermal imaging and rapid forensic video, our theft deterrent system in Austin, Texas, reduces the risk of theft or damage to your site. Construction and commercial properties are among the highest-targeted areas for theft and vandalism. So take control of your security and let SentriForce take the next watch with our live video monitoring in Austin.


It’s important that we simultaneously meet your standards with efficacy and price. That’s why SentriForce allows for scalable solutions to match your needs and your budget. In addition, SentriForce is here to implement new protocols in your live video monitoring in Austin, TX, as your needs grow. So whether you’re adding to your construction site or needing additional coverage in high-value areas at your retail or commercial space, SentriForce has your needs in mind. We are ready with an intuitive addition for your professional monitoring needs in Austin, Texas.


Using highly visual and audible solutions for your live video monitoring in Austin, Texas, Sentriforce creates the perfect combination of assets to keep your site secure. Whether monitoring your construction site or adding visible deterrents to your commercial or retail property, we put our 15 years of excellent theft and vandalism prevention service toward answering your “what, when, and how” questions should a safety breach occur. 

Sentriforce will be the eye you keep on your property no matter what. Our visualization systems are state of the art, and footage can be made available to you should you need evidence to turn over to the Austin police department.

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