Trespasser Cornered by Video Monitoring

April 12th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Trespasser Cornered by Video Monitoring

Houston, TX – Trespasser Cornered by Video Monitoring

On Apr 2, 02:08 AM SentriForce live video monitoring was alerted of an unknown suspect that walked into camera view and trespassed into the property.

Live video monitoring agents activated audible alarms, but the trespasser refused to leave the jobsite.

SentriForce proceeded to dispatch local law enforcement officers to the property.

The trespasser’s activity was observed and reported in real-time with the police dispatcher while the officers make their way to the property.

The moment the police officers arrived; the trespasser was immediately found.

The suspect did not exit the property even after being seen by law enforcement officers.

The police officers eventually gained access into the construction property to apprehend the suspect.

The suspect realized they had no other option and made their way towards the approaching officer.

Shortly after, the police officers were observed escorting the suspect out and handcuffing them.


Construction Site Security System

In Texas, construction sites are plagued with trespassers looking for valuable material and equipment left out in the open.

In Houston, most construction jobsites utilize some form of security, such as perimeter fencing or security guards. Even with security, criminals will still try to get their sticky fingers on something valuable. It takes a full security system in order to be effective in the battle of crime prevention on construction jobsite.

1. There must be a form of criminal deterrence on your construction jobsite to keep criminals from targeting it.

Which is why our systems are designed with red and blue strobe lights and warning banners for obvious security presence.

2. There must be a way to detect criminal activity to engage with the suspect, so that they know they are being watched. Our systems are equipped with thermal detection technology, audible sirens, and combined with live video monitoring facility for detection and engagement with potential threats.

3. The ability to dispatch local law enforcement officers to stop committed criminals in their tracks.

We take it one step further by dispatching local law enforcement and working closely with them when there is crime on your jobsite.

For more information about construction site security systems or live video surveillance services, contact SentriForce.

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