Trespasser Plays Hide and Seek with the Law

November 13th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Trespasser Plays Hide and Seek with the Law

Incident Description of Trespasser on Construction Site:

On 10/27/2020 at approximately 3:21 A.M., a white van drove into camera view and onto the construction property. Audible alarms were enabled, however the vehicle remained on the site. While the alarms were being enabled, the police were dispatched to the construction site and the superintendent was reached and made aware of the activity. The suspect vehicle was observed parking on the property and turning off its lights. Later, local law enforcement made contact with the suspect vehicle. The police officers detained the driver and investigated the situation. After questioning, the law enforcement officers escorted the trespasser on the construction site off the property.

Reduce Risk and Mitigate Loss by being prepared – Don’t allow something like a trespasser on your construction site create financial losses for you.

With today’s current events, we know all too well that law enforcement resources are stretched too thin to investigate and respond to all crimes. Unless a crime is witnessed or in progress, law enforcement officers may not give a priority response.  Truth of the matter is that crime prevention is less expensive than recovering from an actual crime. One of the best ways to prevent crime is to deter crime. Make it obvious to the public that your construction property is taking proactive measures to defend against and respond to criminal events. Such as lighting, surveillance, access control, fencing, storage sheds, security guards, and alarms. Crime prevention is an investment paid back in the form of loss prevention or shrinkage.

Deterrence and Intervention

We design our systems to do much more than record video. We design and build our systems to be equipped with high-visibility strobe lights and audible alarms to increase its efficiency in deterring criminals. If a threat does decide to ignore the obvious presence of surveillance, we engage loud audible sirens and voice recording to acknowledge that they are being watched and this is their final warning to leave the property. In the event that the threat does not remove themselves from the property or displays evident signs of criminal intent, we dispatch local law enforcement immediately.

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