Urkel says “Did I do that?” - HIT AND RUN

May 26th, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this video, an apartment complex tenant is seen moving their belongings into their vehicle.

After getting situated, the tenant pulls out of their parking lot slowly, but unaware of the vehicle that is behind.

The resident’s vehicle collides with the parked car and leaves a large dent in the driver’s door.

Without a second of a hesitation, the tenant drives off to avoid consequences.

Hit and Run accidents are serious, exasperating and leave victims in the unfortunate position, having to file a claim on their own insurance.

However, with professional and proper surveillance and license plate cameras, victims involved in hit and run accidents have a chance of mitigating damages and losses.

Most apartment communities lack the technology to protect their tenants from criminal activities, which leads to unhappy tenants and decreased occupancy.

Preserve your communities peace of mind and consider surveillance services for your apartment community.

For information about apartment community surveillance camera systems, please contact us today.

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