Managed Video Surveillance for Home Builders

August 17th, 2021 | By SentriForce
Managed Video Surveillance for Home Builders

Managed Video Surveillance for Home Builders

Construction materials and tools lost to theft is a headache for even large construction projects. How is a single-family home builder affected when they experience theft and vandalism? Large construction projects have a much larger tolerance as it is factored into their budget to handle losses from theft. However, if a single-family home builder experiences a hefty loss from criminal activity, it could mean losing the whole project and more.

Unlike large construction projects, a criminal can easily confirm visually at a glance if that single-family home construction site has security measures in place or not, because the size of the property is significantly smaller.

Because of the vast difference in property size, the ability for single-family home builders to keep materials out of plain sight is also more difficult, which leaves them more vulnerable and attractive to would-be thieves.

Home builders simply do not have the budget to hire on-site security guards to secure the project until completion, as security guards are very expensive to employ.

Luckily with the development of technology, there is a more cost-effective solution that can help home builders protect their assets and mitigate risk, known as Managed Video Surveillance.

What is Managed Video Surveillance?

Managed Video Surveillance combines professional security, human intelligence, and advanced camera technology to create a powerful security surveillance system that can detect threats, deter trespassers, and dispatch local law enforcement on committed-criminals.

With Managed Video Surveillance, the security surveillance system deployed on your property is expertly designed to meet the needs and vulnerabilities of your project. Surveillance units are professionally installed and the performance of the system is remotely monitored for maximum performance and reliability. 

Every security surveillance unit on your property has a dedicated team of professional surveillance monitors watching your property closely for any signs of threat during scheduled hours. The surveillance team is capable of remotely activating audible alarms to engage in unauthorized activity, and if necessary dispatch local law enforcement.

The surveillance system is also recording 24/7 to give you peace of mind. You will have access to a dedicated video investigation team, as reviewing video footage to locate specific activity can be a time consuming process. Having a video investigation team saves you time and can get you the answers and evidence you need. Video surveillance and video documentation is key to proving a claim or finding the owner of the liability.

There are many security solutions for single-family home construction, but none as cost-effective as managed video surveillance. For more information about managed video surveillance and live video monitoring for your construction project or jobsite, contact SentriForce today.

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