Video Surveillance Stops Trespasser

March 24th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Video Surveillance Stops Trespasser

Trespassing may seem like a harmless nuisance, but they can have a major direct impact on the construction project if not dealt with.

Watch as this trespasser quickly stops their activity and removes themselves after live video surveillance personnel engages them with deterrence measures.

Incident Description:

HOUSTON, TX – On a dark and quiet night at 1:59am, during a time frame that our client doesn’t expect anyone to be present or working…

an unknown individual displays criminal intent by trespassing onto a construction jobsite.

The suspect is observed crawling under a fence and attempting to sneak pass the SENTRIFORCE surveillance system.

Little did the suspect know that upon entering the construction property, the SentriForce live video monitoring center was alerted of the unauthorized activity.

As the suspect proceeded further into the construction jobsite, live video monitoring personnel immediately contacted local law enforcements, notified the construction project manager, and engaged audible alarms and voice broadcast.

The suspect is seen hastily removing themselves from the property and driving away.

End of Incident Description.


Construction sites are magnets for crime

Construction sites are extremely vulnerable and enticing to criminals after dark, especially if the property does not have simple security measures such as gates and fencing.

It is highly recommended to have many levels of security in place to reduce the chance of criminal activity.

Without proper security measures, including live video monitoring, your construction site may suffer from theft, vagrancy, damaged assets and other costly incidents.

When it comes to construction site theft, prevention is more than half the battle.

Construction site surveillance and live video monitoring can help you secure your site and manage your risk.

With active deterrence and intervention, you can sleep at night with peace of mind.


For more information about construction video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

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