Attempted Breaking and Entering on Construction Site

May 22nd, 2020 | By SentriForce

Attempted Breaking and Entering on Construction Site

Just before 8:00 pm, SentriForce surveillance monitoring center personnel detected 2 individuals trespassing on a construction property during monitored hours.

The suspects find the door locked and one of the suspects proceeds to open the window and tries to enter the building that is under construction.

The suspects displayed criminal intent, therefore, our surveillance monitoring staff quickly engaged audible sirens.

Upon hearing the sirens, the suspects immediately left the area.

Construction sites are extremely vulnerable and enticing to criminals after dark, especially if the property does not have simple security measures such as gates and fencing.

It is highly recommended to have many levels of security in place to reduce the chance of criminal activity.

For more information on crime prevention through environmental designs (CPTED) for your construction site, see the links provided below.

Can you use the principles and concepts of Crime Prevention

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With SentriForce, we take care of the construction site surveillance and live monitoring so you can sleep easier at night.

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